An excellent speech & interview by a very talented/experienced former US Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power providing a comprehensive overview of the threat Russia currently poses on what is termed as Rules-based Order established post WWII. She backs this up with details highlighting her real experiences in dealing with Russia at the United Nations to demonstrate these are not merely opinions but ones supported by actual facts. Ambassador Power also provides very interesting views on the way forward in defending against such aggressive Russian behaviour and to a large extent I do agree with her. The starting point in my mind though is building a bi-partisan consensus in defining the threat level and how to deal with it. I also worry that despite the seemingly firm democratic system of governance in the US it is one that does have plenty of vulnerabilities to unwarranted external influence from powerful lobby groups to a system of checks/balances designed more to obstruct legislation-encouraging conflicts between legislative/executive branch-rather than to resolve issues of governance which is essentially their main obligation to the American people; instead what seems to be happening is that politicians getting into the habit of putting party politics before country.

I would also recommend viewing some of the statements of the new incoming US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley here;  as well as her Senate Confirmation Hearing here just to demonstrate the complete lack of expertise/profile for someone to hold such a key role at the UN; this to drive yet another key point when talking about vulnerabilities of the US political system-and to be frank other western political systems-where credentials do not seem to be a priority when selecting candidates for key roles (just look/listen to Boris Johnson in the UK and try and figure out his position). If still is doubt you can lookup both US Ambassadors profile in Wikipedia/check (Career) section and you will get better insight.

Finally I can only hope that Ambassador Power continues to contribute to debates throughout the US & abroad to help bring some common sense about how we ended up here and the way forward in defending our Liberal/Democratic values & revitalising/reforming the concept of Globalisation.

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