It is one thing to twist reality for convenience but you get into a different league when you see people look you straight in the eye and tell you that’s exactly what they’re doing and defending it. This level of unscrupulous attitude is one we have never seen before, at least at leadership level.”Alternative Facts” indeed; The “real” fact of the matter is that this “Alternative Fact” space is the core base of Mr Trump’s entire campaign now merely extending to his Presidency-and in my naivety I thought this was meant to be Hollywood domain! You can clearly see in the interview the moment Kellyanne uttered that term she sort of knew it was a flop and tried to run with it by attempting to move the conversation quickly, only to discover that Chuck was not about to let that happen-then it began to get really uncomfortable for her. Here is my bottom line view on this; it would a bit of stretch for the Trump team to expect that a successful presidential term can be achieved through lies and/or concealment of facts-these can take you so far, but then you need a combination of fact-based Communication, Transparency and actual Performance. So they need to start focusing on doing their job rather than waste time on tit-for-tat media wars.

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