I received the news with a mix of bewilderment/amusement that Prince William mixes up China and Japan in a royal gaffe – link below. Where have I heard this before…..mmmmmm? So my concern is if this is an indication that he may have met with – Oh, the Special One, Mr. Jeremy Hunt – recently signalling some kind of contagious behavioural phenomenon. The question is why specifically China & Japan being in the line of fire, why not for example India & Pakistan just to mix it up a bit and make it more interesting 🙂

On a more serious note however if we continue down this gaffe path we might as well consider hiring foreign Foreign Relations experts to represent our interests on International relations and help sort out possible ramifications of similar gaffes in the future – nothing serious just a thought 🙂

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Prince William mixes up Japan and China in latest royal gaffe


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