What I truly like about this response is; a) it’s simple and b) it is very appropriate for the response to come from a spokesman for President Obama rather from him directly which in my mind kind of puts Trump in his place (though I am sure he can also tweet)-the take away being that you can dress someone or write them speeches to look Presidential but you can’t really teach them Presidential traits and this is Trump’s key problem; this obviously not to mention his complete ignorance on key policy areas hence the reason he only moves with his entourage of advisors-who by the way also share his ignorance though at least are driven by ideology and are the ones doing the driving.

(Update: 06/03/2017): Another recent twist to the story is that some are asking for President Obama to make a public statement and/or comment to respond to these accusations. Well I totally disagree because I suspect the Trump team are fishing for exactly such an outcome which achieves 2 objectives; a) make it a political stand-off with President Obama to energize his public support base as well as Republicans in Congress and b) ultimately divert attention from the real story of potential collusion with Russia during the campaign and pre inauguration. No, I would suggest leaving him play by himself because he seems very good at self-inflicted harm. What the Democrats need to do is demonstrate a balanced/unified approach in dealing with this matter so as their efforts are not perceived as a political witch-hunt; after all they need to draw more Republican support as well as Trump camp supporters. The focus/approach has to be on putting country before party and to make that the thrust for their efforts in confronting Republicans in Congress. This is not just a matter of national security it is also about the temperament of the leader of the free world and how it is undermining decades of strategic foreign policy & diplomatic efforts not to mention advancement on a host of policy areas including the environment-it is after all about damage limitation. 

A final thought here; I truly believe this man suffers from a few mental conditions including paranoia. This is the only plausible explanation to his temperament and his inability to constrain himself. I can only hope that this is seriously considered and that he is assessed-the seriousness of his role warrants such consideration

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