What a Mess, and on it goes with the new revelation about meetings of Jeff Sessions US Attorney General with the Russian ambassador during the Trump campaign. Clearly this is not a question about Flynn, Sessions or ? It is a question all about Trump himself and the unlikelihood of him being unaware of such contact with the Russians during the campaign which, based on intelligence reports about Russian interference in the election, amounts to Treason pure and simple. Here is the same man that urged Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails-as if that was not sufficient grounds for suspect behavior that requires investigation in of itself. Strange times when the lines between what is acceptable and what is not are blurred to that level.

Let’s also be clear, these are all circumstantial evidence that need to be formally investigated, but we also need to remember 2 things in this context;

  1. When dealing in cases connected to espionage it is more likely that evidence is circumstantial due to the secretive nature and expertise of the personal involved in these cases.
  2. Circumstantial evidence is sometimes more pertinent than direct evidence because they can establish a pattern of behavior that is more damning and difficult to develop through direct forms of evidence.   

What is needed is an urgent independent/thorough investigation into potential links between Trump & Team pre his inauguration to establish the level/seriousness of the contact with the Russians whether related to the elections or the exchange of other forms of classified materials.

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