I am certainly no fan of Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party on policy – particularly when it comes to BREXIT – but I am utterly against any indication of political influence in our nation based on religion, ethnicity or culture. Religious freedoms should NOT translate to political influence and all religions should have equal protection under the law through governmental institutions NOT through religious lobbyists/special interest groups and/or associated media; so where there is abuse of religious freedoms there should be a mechanism in place that swiftly kicks in to address the issue. More importantly we should protect our country from the influence of foreign conflicts in the Middle East that are based on religious intolerance/racism – and the blurring lines between political ideology and religion – otherwise we’ll be destroying our own progressive/liberal values/freedoms and fracturing our social cohesion as a multicultural/multiethnic progressive society in the process. So the bottom line for me is that being British irrespective of religion/culture translates to complete/utter allegiance to Great Britain NOT to any other nation/flag and equal protections to all under the law as a matter of course “period”.

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