Here’s an interesting interview by Tucker Carlson of Fox News – someone who looks confused at the best of times – with a Rutger Carlson a Dutch historian and author of books on history, philosophy and economics. The clips speaks for itself but the driving point here is how media is being driven by politics, special interest and plenty of “cash” rather than adhering to it’s core guiding principle of reporting & analysing facts without bias. In other words the media in it’s current form is one of the major threats to our Democracy if we continue to leave it unregulated or “self-regulated”. In this day-and-age where ethics & moral values are in decline regulation is a key protection mechanism – as the last line of defence – if we are serious about protecting our values and Democratic principles. The first line of defence of course as we all know is Family & Education, and it’s quite a steep curve for us to fix decades of neglect in these 2 key foundations of any society – something that requires both leadership and a well-defined medium-long term strategy.

But that’s a story for another day – for now just enjoy “Mr.” though unfortunately he seemed to be on the phone; but then you can always watch him in action in any of his many “intriguing” clips on Youtube; this is one of his early incarnations when he used to work at CNN being taken down by the incredible Jon Stewart.

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