Here is the top U.S Diplomat who also served as CIA director revealing for the first time just before he heads for the exit doors of his office that in actual fact he’s never really represented America in its current incarnation, rather he’s always dreamt of a different America one that does not actually exist like the one imagined by those who broke into Capitol Hill just a few days ago. This makes sense because this is indeed compatible with the Make America Great Again motto which also turns its back to Globalization abroad and and promotes racist ideologies at home; this is indeed a true representation of the trump presidency & cabinet. But as it turned out Make America Great Again was really more about Trashing America Again & Again not just in terms of actual policy but also in Abuse of Power, Transition Shenanigans that left a country looking like Baghdad or remember “Benghazi” mike, Incitement of violence the likes of which America has never ever seen since its foundation; so yes I get you mike. I get your passion to travel/enjoy being the lead in negotiating with people of different cultures/making deals with dictators not because you have any respect of their culture but merely to make deals and achieve financial gains; so not even values come into play and what values can you represent when you don’t even accept the reality and true strength of America. Not 1 word mike about trump’s role in the Capitol Hill carnage; that’s your loyalty level to trump? Ever heard of America mike? Yes indeed; we all get you mike; but as a non-American myself I guess I should say America gets you mike because people like your good self and your boss have proved to be a clear National security threat as I mentioned in a post in 2017 cause it ain’t really rocket science. Am I shocked – not really after 4 years of trump and people like your good self in charge because this is after all your legacy and by God do I hope you and your boss are held fully accountable for the mess you left behind in that Great America but unfortunately it’s not the imaginary America in your head but the real Great America the world has come to know/respect before the disastrous tenure of you and your boss. But moving on otherwise I’m liable to write a book rather than a post; let me suggest that Multiculturalism as well as Globalization like it or not are here to stay so ignoring these realities translates to policies that end up like the saying shooting yourself in the foot as we’ve seen after 4 painful years of trump and of what feels like 100 years of BREXIT. Pragmatic policy on the other hand translates to dealing with these issues in a calm/collected way; one that reflects (NOT undermines) long standing values and ensures dealing with them effectively by competent/experienced people who appreciate the complexities of the issues at hand and supported by competent/ethical leadership. I’m certainly  NOT talking of the kind of leadership that David Cameron projected when deciding to give up on Multiculturalism rather than admitting his government’s own failures in dealing with the issue  or passing the buck to the electorate on something so complex yet consequential like BREXIT rather than allowing our parliamentary Democracy to take its course in dealing with it; David Cameron’s  motto was quite simple; Pass The Buck to Minimise Responsibility. As for Boris Johnson please don’t get me started cause I’m desperately trying to see the finish line of the post.  The day you see and/or watch politicians stoking public fear to achieve political ends or passing the buck to avoid taking responsibility we must all learn to turn our backs on them because we should know by now that they want to scare us into submitting to their “wisdom” without challenge or ditch their responsibility altogether; this is precisely the approach of alt-right/racist ideologies and you’ll be delighted to know also of religious extremists – stoke fear then isolate/control to ensure you develop a self-regulated ecosystem that is difficult to break and when ????  hits the fan blame anything/everything else. The strategy to counter this approach as I mentioned in a previous blog is more NOT less communication & the sharing of experiences through projects/workshops and open debates among others. We should not allow ourselves to be coached by other people’s ideology / experiences – we should Validate, Share & Communicate and NEVER EVER Isolate into information silos; this is the only method to defeat all forms of radicalization. We have the tools, technology, hard earned experiences and the expertise nationally to deal with these issues so here’s an idea – LET’S DEAL WITH THEM NOW.

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Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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