This will be short/sweet – maybe not so sweet. What’s happening in America right now is tragic at so many levels and will be impossible to recover from for decades; who runs the country is only relevant to the extent of when the recovery starts but when it does it will be slow and messy considering the broken Congress and a distorted value base/norms of governance. It is truly sad/shocking what’s happening now in terms of obstructions to the presidential transition particularly from the outside looking in because what we see is a direct/aggressive attack on Democracy as opposed to the continuous indirect undermining of democracy governance/norms throughout the trump administration. After all when a Democracy starts behaving like an Autocracy these are ground shattering developments people – I can actual hear someone with a Russian accent say something to the effect; Comrads in America what you do there, come join us in east, we serve Borscht for free for a few days at least 🙂 It is crystal clear – to me anyway – that America is being decimated from within by the combination of financial corruption, narrow ideological prejudices and  power brokers (internal & external whether adversaries or allies) keen on maintaining control/putting special interests of a few way ahead of the country’s interest. In situations like this it would normally be up to the American people to help balance/redirect the ship through forms of activism – but thanks to all the above combined with a self-unregulated media the the country is split with each side living in it’s virtual reality.

This conundrum suggests to me that America – the one we once knew – will not be there for a while at least in terms of the critical soft power it played in the past – so the EU needs to fill the void and come up with a strategy to deal with this new reality because these changes can have very serious effects on the EU and it’s future moving forward.

As for America let me suggest a new motto for the Biden administration; NOT Let’s Make America Great Again but rather Come, Let’s All Discover America Again! 

Was that short??


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