I am not really a royals follower nor do I care much about how monarchy is perceived nor the style this establishment follows. I was particularly disappointed about how BREXIT theatrics has been managed by the establishment as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. That said and despite the fact that it’s hard to know what’s going on behind the scenes with the latest announcement of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle to step back as senior royals I think it could be quite a refreshing proposition if as reported they’re serious about pursuing a more normal life away from Royalty expectations. The problem for the moment is that the story has turned into more theatrics and people started making judgments based on headline news. I’m not so keen on theatrics but I hope that this new announcement today – link below – proves to be for the long term benefit of  the couple which I suspect might well prove to be; so from this end at least I wish them both the very best with a successful life together and this can only happen if they maintain focus on what matters to them and cut out the noise of all else.

But beyond this story I feel that this establishment needs to evolve both in the way it functions, it’s role in times of political turmoil/constitutional crisis and more importantly how we perceive the monarchy and our own expectation of how it functions. Tradition should not be at the expense of Evolution nor vice-versa, both these aspects matter and are relevant otherwise we are inadvertently choosing a slippery slope of undermining this establishment and what it signifies for this country.

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