Google is reportedly developing a censored version of it’s search engine specifically for China. So the old Google motto of 2010 that led it to leave China “Don’t be evil”, has been magically transformed to; “Don’t be evil, just adapt your systems to it”.  Is that kind of like censoring Freedom? How does that work? Does that translate to the fact that now financial incentives have much higher market value than personal values and company ethos? Is this the market driven Capitalist economy of our dreams? And before mocking Google – and when we have time of course – lets also look into other similar matters like arms trade that western Democracies are engaged in with autocratic dictatorships – where we eventually pick up the tab as I mentioned in previous posts (and also at the 2nd article below about PwC). Here’s the thing in a nutshell; when we loose our core bearings like our value system we loose our identity and eventually our own freedoms pure & simple. After all Democracy that is governed by incentives in business and/or in government Freedom itself becomes quite subjective, don’t you think? I know of course we’re not into a ultimate Democracy model just yet and we have some time to go in order to achieve the closest we can in terms of perfection, but I assumed we’re much further ahead than we’ve actually reached.

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