Quite an interesting insight of how the nations political establishment functions – an archaic model that needs to bite the dust soon. There is of course plenty insane statements and revelations made by Dominic Cummings and it would be a waste of time to point them one by one. What is more important to come up with a few simple takeaways from this interview most of which we all knew full well but this interview is an affirmation of these perceptions;

  1. The concept of The Ends Justify The Means is one that many in the political elite have taken to heart; concepts like Political Integrity or Values are out of the equation entirely.
  2. It is crystal clear that the political system is designed to ensure leaders are selected not based on credentials and experience but rather how likely they are to follow power brokers within the political establishment – but also possibly foreign backed power brokers which is a major political vulnerability that I’ve discussed in previous posts. In other words the political system is in itself at best an affront  to Democracy and at worst a national security risk
  3. Party loyalties take precedence to national interest/political compromise and stoking political divisions at a national level is the fuel that allows this to be a self-sustainable proposition; loop to point 1 and you get the full picture.

    The only thing I do agree with Dominic Cummings is the need for a complete overhaul for our political system; but he would certainly NOT be someone I would take advice from on this matter.

It is easy to identify adversaries and fight them, but when your political system is cracking from within you will neither be able to differentiate between friend or foe or have the inner power to defend your national interest which become diluted in the process anyway. Britain, we have a problem and we’re not even beginning to look into it.

Anyway hope you find the above interview interesting and some of my comments relevant.

Hope this helps.

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