Oh, yes indeed Mr. David Davis; start the negotiation with a completely disingenuous/arrogant tone from the outset suggesting there would be a deal like no other in history, oh really? This is the exact arrogant mindset that got us onto the BREXIT train wreck in the first place and it is the mentality that could end up destroying any prospects for a deal at the end of the line. So a word to the wise; you and your team need to avoid getting too smart/smug and be more careful/measured about your statements during these delicate/important negotiations.. More importantly start getting real about the tradeoffs we face in the negotiations while ensuring an appropriate level of transparency to the British people. It is my view that this BREXIT bunch is the one ultimately leading No. 10 and that in of itself is a disaster; the fact that there is no other political party on the table nor is there a strong hand in No. 10 to balance the scale in representing many millions of Brits who have voiced legitimate concerns about the cost of BREXIT as opposed to the “at all cost for BREXIT” approach of the team in charge. The reality is that the country is divided going into these negotiations and there is little trust in the minds of many about the process being led by such a team; so their challenge is not only in the negotiations but equally important is building back this lack of trust in the process – something I don’t believe they’ll be able or keen to achieve. Truly a political travesty with potentially long term/negative ramifications and here we are just strolling along.

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