Prime Minister “Odd Ball” formerly known as “Pint Pale” approves a vaccine to be used as of next week (period)!?….

It is certainly great news for all that we finally have a vaccine but if the performance of the so-called government is anything to go by we are in for a likely national mess in rolling it out. Take the announcement itself; the top man taking the glory of approving the rollout yet leaving the actual plan details out of the script; no indication of the plan in terms of targeted groups, logistics in administering/coordinating the rollout and the process involved; kinda reminds me of Mr. Covfefe (also known as Mushroom Man) at the other side of the Atlantic signing off executive orders while ignoring how the’re implemented and whether they actually resolve issues or merely compound problems. The prediction from this end – and I most certainly hope/pray I am wrong about this – is that the rollout of the vaccine will be equally as disastrous as the so-called government’s dealing with the pandemic-and everything else to be honest; well at least they’re consistent. But then again I have to remind myself; where we are is actually our own choice.

The BREXIT Hour Ain’t This Country’s Finest Hour But It’s Darkest Hour

As we are in the finally phase of the make-or-break BREXIT talks it makes one wonder about the nationalist/xenophobic ideology that got us here. An ideology seeking to break rather than build/reform long standing/consequential partnerships that we’ve actually benefited tremendously from at every level yet we seek to magnify the challenges & ignore the benefits: benefits that have been a result of decades worth of hard work by professional civil servants & plenty of investment in the project; now trashed. We’ve come to embody the untrustworthy/unreliable partner, so if there are indeed great deals to be had with other nations, well good luck with that and we’d love to examine the real balance sheet of such deals just see how they tie in with the infamous trump making talents and compare them with the current setting. As to the nationalist BRITS out there – my good friends – let me say this; I really wish you do truly focus on real national interests, as in;

  1. Pat Finucane: No public inquiry into Belfast lawyer’s murder
  2. No-deal Brexit could mean ‘one million job losses’
  3. UK hit by sharpest deterioration in manufacturing in 7 years
  4. UK family loses court battle in US diplomatic immunity case

If nationalism is unconnected to realism/just fabricated self-esteem or if you are selective about it, then to be completely honest it’s nothing but a pure scam. So if the EU was such a disaster to Britain why even bother negotiating with them and accept any terms whatsoever? You do see the scam don’t ya? My friends nationalism is not our saviour but rather a route to our demise and we’ll be open market when it comes to foreign influence to the extent that we’ll all be longing for the times we were EU members because imperfect as it is we had options and more importantly plenty of influence. I for one support/prefer a No-Deal BREXIT though I among many others will be hugely negatively impacted by this, but my reasoning is simple; if BREXIT morons got into this mess it should be there’s to fix or at least be accountable for – why soften the blow? But then again I have to remind myself; yes choices should matter!

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