The clip below speaks for itself in demonstrating not just the ignorance of a man in top job but the utter lack of experience / decorum particularly at a moment when we’re in crunch negotiations with the EU for a BREXIT deal. In fact what experience/track record does this charming man have beyond moving swiftly from Minister of Defense 2017-19 (really, you’re kidding right?), then Secretary for Education from 2019 unfortunately until now; he must be good at something, right? What exactly is his expertise / qualifications that allowed him to reach such important/consequential roles in 2 governments at key moments in the history of this country? We know thanks to Wikipedia that before he entered into politics he worked as manager in a fireplace manufacturer Elgin & Hall 2004, then became managing director of Aynsley China, a Staffordshire-based pottery firm by 2005. Okay tell me more, maybe we’ll get somewhere and I’m patient….. Sorry, that’s it. Gavin Williamson (so does his boss for that matter) embodies a major flaw in British politics where people are casually assigned positions of leadership in departments that based on their experience they’ve absolutely no business even standing close to the building in which they’re based let alone lead them. This is NOT at all about BREXIT, but simply about a country being led by a bunch of…..let’s be nice and just call them ‘odd balls’ for now….people who have little in the way of expertise to allow them to reach such roles; posted plenty on this issue like here. Call it Favoritism, Cronyism, Nepotism; we’ve got it all in British politics thanks to decades worth of political corruption. In good times this may not matter much except undermining that thing we frequently brag about but do little to actually protect (Democracy) but in challenging moments for an entire nation this is a disastrous proposition because the vulnerabilities created are long lasting/consequential (possibly lethal) and quite difficult to recover from.
The bottom line is this; politics does/will not change by itself and if we’re not willing to demand change/action by coming up with comprehensive plan for political reform we really should not complain much; just brush the problems away with a cup of tea every now and then and pray that the new generation finally takes control of their future – or what’s left of it.
Beyond all that let’s actually wait and see the performance of the so-called British government in rolling out the vaccine – seeking credit for approving a vaccine is to put it nicely (stupid); you do get credit for the mess created/continued in managing the pandemic, so let’s see how the rollout goes charming man; as mentioned in my previous I’m hoping for a big bang but the record suggests a big crash. 

Now enjoy the clip;

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