Stand up for Common Sense Politics & against pre-WWII Clan/Nationalist Ideology; EU embodies lessons from history so let’s NOT repeat the mistakes of the past by forgetting our history and how we got here. This is exactly what the racist/ultra-right clan wants us to do; forget the past and focus on their narrow/sick ideology/narrative. Let’s NOT allow them to dictate our future and the future of the new generation. This is NOT about right/left as the narrative preached by the sick minds; it is about a common sense approach to solving problems based on facts and realistic expectations. We can fix problems without risking our future, so let’s begin to have an honest debate about our future through another referendum or forum that ensures an honest discussion based on facts and lessons learnt thus far with an inclusive process to get us where we want. It may NOT be easy with all the divisive politics that have come into play thanks to our “talented” politicians, but our future is very much on the line and we all need to be on the same page.

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