Yes, Nigel Farage is back in the news “again” now eyeing German colours for his socks. Well Mr. Farage you move fast; BREXIT, then Trump, on to Le Pen and now the AfD party in Germany. It should now be clear to the blind your true colours of what you stand for; NOT Britain, NOT France, NOT Germany (…whatever next) but rather any colour that stands for extreme right/racist ideology. So enjoy your new socks but rest assured we know despite your smug little smile that you have no real colour but adapt them based on the sick narrative you preach. It is unfortunate that there is a meeting of the minds between you and people driving BREXIT within the Conservative Party (obviously NOT the PM she’s just enjoying the ride). However rest assured that having lost Holland, France and eventually Germany, I have every confidence Britain will signal another failure to you and the clan you represent and do you know why; because the British people by and large do NOT subscribe to your sick ideology and the lies you preach pre/post the referendum are now becoming clear for all to see.

Anyway, I am happy you’re getting new socks.

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