It is truly an incredible BREXIT accomplishment like no other; changing car stickers from GB to UK. Truly at a moment of pure luxury for the British people our genius politicians have finally decided to breakaway and take back control of our car stickers. Finally a sticker worth having and it’s all thanks to the discovery of Northern Ireland, wow what a revelation – now where the hell has it been hiding all these years? Forget about food & fuel shortages, or issues with fisheries and keep sparking up with the EU and an economy in peril; just neatly/carefully place the new UK sticker on your car and why not have another one next to your door bell for safety and you’re good to go. Actually now that it’s harder to drive anywhere in Europe maybe it’s worth tucking the sticker to bed for moment and dare you mention Great Britain to us ever again. BREXIT is truly a story of a nation being systematically dismantled and everyone seems to be watching patiently; hope for change makes no change.

Take care & let’s commit to keeping the new sticker of the nation alive. 

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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