Theresa May is now asking the EU for another BREXIT extension until June 30 (i.e. picking numbers out of the hat yet again), while Donald Tusk wisely suggests a longer extension that can end once national consensus is achieved on the deal (or a deal); a “Flextension” if you like similar to flexi-tickets you get when traveling and we’re certainly on one heck of a ride towards NeverEver Land. What I fail to understand though – and may be a bit thick – is this; how in the world could Labour as some suggest in the party and in media reports is proposing the option of a People’s Vote (a process that can take at least 12 weeks) while at the same time Theresa May asks for an extension only until June 30th? Someone is not being honest about all this; so after having gone through a secretive/behind the scenes flawed process that delivered an “Orderly BREXIT Fiasco” now we seem to be following in that same old footpath but with different actors. No wonder the House of Commons structure itself started leaking – who ever said broken politics cannot lead to broken structures?? Well, I for one; I can’t believe that even Parliament is cracking/going under water with this pressure and we have yet to touch down onto BREXIT territory 🙁

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