Iain Duncan Smith is appalled because the government is trying to reach out to the main opposition party and others to help achieve a consensus on BREXIT – something she should have began with even before triggering article 50.

I am appalled that Iain Duncan Smith does not understand that in a Democracy – and particularly when a country faces such a consequential issue as BREXIT and a public divided, the first duty of any leader is to unite the country and help achieve consensus in parliament not hijack the process to suit a few in her party or help achieve narrow ideological or party objectives.

Iain Duncan Smith is appalled of the Marxist Jeremy Corbyn who’s intent on destroying the country

I am appalled that we have MP’s like Iain Duncan Smith in our parliament displaying this kind of vile behaviour with personal attack on fellow MP’s irrespective of their position on the leadership chain – thus fuelling the toxic political environment we see today in this country; then we complain of extremist/vulgar forms of activism on our streets and online. Before we complain about these kinds of behaviours or complain Social Media companies are not doing enough to help eradicate online abuse and incitement of violence we should start by cleansing our parliament from MP’s that do not understand the basics of leadership & standards when it comes to political debate – and perhaps we also need to review these standards because they do not seem to be fit for purpose.

Iain Duncan Smith is appalled because he thinks that Theresa May is giving legitimacy to Jeremy Corbyn.

I am appalled of an MP – a former leader of party would you believe – with the ignorance not to comprehend the simple fact that in a Democracy Jeremy Corbyn – like him or loathe him – does not need a stamp of authorisation or legitimacy as an MP and leader of his party. In other words “mr smith” your definition of legitimacy in this regard accounts for a big fat “0”.

Hey and look, this coming from an “Immigrant”!

 Iain Duncan Smith is appalled! Damn, what can we do about that..mmmm???

I actually think a public apology by Iain Duncan Smith to Mr. Jeremy Corbyn is in “Orderrr…Orderrr”, right House Speaker Bercow?

I’m Appalled….It’s Appalling…..

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