It seems that Theresa May’s hand is almost out of cards so she’s forced into a make-or-break choice in meeting with Jeremy Corbyn a move that seems to have set her party BREXITEERs on fire. Now I’ve mentioned in the previous post – and indeed in many previous posts – there isn’t much of a difference between these two leaders in terms ideology or view on BREXIT. This move is designed in small part by both leaders as an opportunity to eliminate the potential for any other options beyond BREXIT; even a People’s Vote is no longer an option with Theresa May trying to use up her last extension to be only until May 22nd. But beyond all that let me suggest that this approach of cross-party talks should have been much broader and should have started even before triggering article 50 which I suspect would have ended up being a completely different process, one based on true compromise and putting country before politics; something many including myself have called for from the outset. The problem she has now having engineered a flawed process driven in the main by hardliners in her party, is that they now feel that the rug has been snatched from under their feet so now they cry foul. What I would say is that the approach – though seen by May as merely a matter for personal survival – is the right one and should be the default approach in the politics of this country particularly in moments like this. In fact cross-party talks/coalition governments should be the norm moving forward if our archaic forms of politics are to evolve and move closer towards the 21st century. With that said however and considering where we are in terms of this farcical process would lead me to predict that this last ditched effort will fail because with the level of division we’re in as a country a People’s Vote with a longer extension which would also help calm things things down is the only viable path forward. In other words the only difference with this last move by Theresa May is that instead of 1 leader in a corner it will be 2.

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