Now that PintPal also decides to also jump ship – and we’re looking for Remainers in Cabinet – it is crystal clear that the country is in no position without proper vision & leadership to continue the a flawed BREXIT process. We have 2 options; continue scrambling a deal just to suit BREXITEERS or ask the EU for an extension to negotiation until we sort out the mess the current clan left us with. As mentioned in a previous post the only prudent way forward is mentioned in this post (or a variation there of); BREXIT; A Pragmatic Vision Forward. Any talk of leadership elections as an option without clarity/facts leading to clear options IN & OUT only translates to continued political paralysis and repeating the same mistakes all over again. We really need to stop messing around with  the future of this nation otherwise we will face the consequences for generations to come. What bothers me more than the IN/OUT decision is the way we’re going about doing politics in this country. We need to change, and we need to change fast.

PS The European Union is not going anywhere any time soon so let’s please take our time to make the right choice for this country rather than ram a flawed process through because of a few.

My response to the above tweet by Boris Johnson;

I can only hope that the Foreign Office recovers after the grave error of appointing you as FS. This ain’t personal but you might as well be a Martian when it comes to the profile suitable for leading this department. That said there is still a Martian leading the country.    


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