Labour straight out of the hat produce yet another stunning proposition on the Table. Let me tell you there is NOT much room to spare on their BREXIT Table. The good news this time however is that this proposition is more generic so it can adapt to different situations, that way we may not need further space on the table after all. In other words Dear Mr. Keir Starmer is suggesting that if there is a vote in parliament – after we’ve been sitting like stray ducks until negotiations terminate thanks to a flawed process – and this vote rejects article 50, parliament must decide what happens next so all options would be open. In other words we need to wait until possibly/risking all hell breaks loose, then we can hit a pause button for the country until we discuss our options moving forward. Now if that’s the best you can come up with then my suggestion Dear Mr. Starmer is for your party to find a new option for leadership (Fast) because you as an opposition party are NOT fit for purpose and sadly for this country at a time when we really need a new/confident and pragmatic vision/leadership from the opposition.

PS: Sometimes I wonder in which planet they make politicians like that, is this still planet Earth really cause it feels more like planet Krypton?

Sad story for Labour, sad story for Britain.

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