Let me first set the stage for BREXITEER’s in case any of them decides to read this post; Yes, this is fear-mongering from your very clear/blind perspective, because what we’re actually seeing in terms of economic indicators, weak government/support, shambolic process are pigments of our imagination; business prospects are extremely high and the country is as united as ever while backing with full confidence a fantastic leader.

Now back to the context of the post; today we read about another YouGov poll suggesting that a region the South West of England – predominantly Tory leaning and was crucial to Tory election victory is now swinging against Brexit (link below). 

Well OK, now what? Are we now supposed to battle the flawed BREXIT process through social & traditional media, endless polls & parliamentary debates that achieve no visible “horizontal” progress forward, but rather plenty of “vertical” progress downward drilling to the core of the earth. As I mentioned in a previous post, political activism is the only way out of this mess; it has to be well defined in terms of demands, well coordinated and sustained, otherwise let’s STOP complaining and have some tea whenever we have the urge because it’s really becoming quite boring now. Let me also suggest that Political Activism should no longer be the exception in our Politics nor should Political Indifference be the norm rather Political Activism should become an important part of our political eco system and we need to be more effective in applying it otherwise we become complacent in undermining our Democracy. So when Parliament is locked we need to unlock it! I get all these emails from different campaign groups asking to write to your MP or sign a petition; for me that’s a kind of satire but one that ain’t funny. Any message needed at this stage is this; “Direct Public Messaging”, and remember the “Tea” if you “Disagree”

Enjoy yourselves.

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