Theresa May says a no-deal Brexit ‘wouldn’t be the end of the world’. Of course TM a No Deal BREXIT is NOT the end of the World; as a matter of fact why the hell waste time negotiating further; let’s just call it quits to save a quid or 2 cause we may – just may – need it and if it turns out we have too much quid we’ll just have some fun. And please do remember TM we’re all here to help keep your buns warm & comfy in No. 10, so if you need a Take Away or the heating system is out or if you require any other assistance call on the people and we’ll be there for you cause you’re our master and we’re chained to you; so if we happen to go off board we can at least drown together “peacefully”. TM let me tell you a little secret; you are truly an utter disgrace to this country and a dark chapter in the history of this great nation. I am not sure how you got here – and I am certain you’re not quite so sure either – but you bring nothing but shame at least to me with the sheer level of irresponsibility, incompetence and lack of integrity you bring to No. 10 cause let’s be clear; failure in the negotiations has nothing to do with the EU and everything to do with the way you and your clan pursued a flawed process – mostly through secret backdoors while lying to the public about among other things the effects of BREXIT – a process that has been Triggered with nothing but a Haggling Plan. More importantly it is the signature goto approach of cowards; oh and by the way enjoy your Africa trip and why not as long as you’re there have a Safari tour and enjoy plenty of Mango as well, after your dance of course. But then again you cannot be entirely blamed for this mess, rather it’s the genius idiots that continue to back you and the useless/clueless opposition that have no idea how to chuck you out of office.


Dance Our Night Away Theresa May, though you don’t seem to be doing a good job here either, may be post BREXIT practice can help , then you can come back and teach us all the new dances/beats you’ve mastered from the new masters around the world 🙂

Hope this helps.   

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Theresa May says a no-deal Brexit ‘wouldn’t be the end of the world’

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