As BREXIT looms being 8 months away North East councils haven’t done any impact assessment for their regions. The reason can be summed up quite simply by New Castle’s deputy leader Joyce McCarty; “Right now many councils are unable to plan for the future as a result of the Government’s BREXIT chaos.” Even with the £2bn set aside for BREXIT funding none of that reached local authorities. However, I have to say I am with the British government on this one; what are you guys on about, how can they pass info to local authorities to prepare for BREXIT when the info is NOT in yet – depends of the BREXIT flavour we reach, they’ll speak to you later just stop moaning. Even the £2bn support fund that’s just a provisional comfort nugget pulled out of the hat, so please stop taking these assertions literally.  Let me assure the wonderful people in the North East rest assured that what the government knows about the impact of BREXIT is pretty much in line with what you know, so stay healthy and stay safe and speak later!

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