If there are any lessons learnt during the last few years it has to be this mentioned in the header. But then how do we define a Stall; while I am no political expert it doesn’t take a policy guru to say that when this governance model seizes to represent the people that would be “the” definition of a stall in my opinion. OK, that’s 1 part of the statement, what about defining – the “Crash”. Well a crash in my view happens when the alternative suggests that we all loose ; the politics of extreme binary choices driven in the main by corrupt politicians with narrow ideological agendas who’s sense of survival is dependant on driving this world view while taking advantage of a society with loose moral principles feeding off a political system that’s lost it’s moral bearings. 

Let’s take the example of the concern over Immigration; well it turns out – though I am an immigrant myself – that indeed it is a valid concern both in terms of Immigration policies but also equally important are Integration policies which seems to be an after thought even now. But as I have mentioned in many previous posts that we cannot/should not treat this issue at our border; in other words in isolation of our approach to foreign policy & foreign conflicts where the real issues affecting Immigration begins. We need to start by looking at our approach towards financial incentives whether related to arms sales or merely seeking investments from rich nations to be the driving force of our foreign policy, incentive which end on the liabilities section of our balance sheet. So before making quick judgements on these issues or lay the blame squarely on immigrants let’s first establish some context and base our views on facts/figures because that’s the only prudent/lasting way to treat this issue. Equally important is that we need to stop allowing foreign conflicts from stain our value base/judgements – a phenomenon I term as “importing foreign conflicts” into our political space and now championed by an ever growing/surprising legal lobbying industry – a reality I cannot comprehend.

I guess the take away from this post whether on this or any other issue is this; let’s try and end the phenomenon of blindly following the politics of the day without open debate to validate/evaluate views otherwise we end up moving in a circle which hurts us as a country more than it does the political elite. Finding scapegoats like Migrants or the EU may be convenient but this doesn’t solve the underlying problem that our “genius” politicians have stupidly engineered. What we desperately need is a transformational moment in our politics and I believe with the right new leadership this can indeed be done.

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