We were worried that Theresa May is running down the clock to get to the BREXIT hour. Now the situations has changed slightly with the clock having been returned to it’s “rightful” owner; the House of Commons which is now taking full control of the clock by running it down themselves with complex procedural issues/terminologies like this “indicative votes” in order to take every possible turn to avoid a People’s Vote. So let me pass a simple message to these genius politicians in parliament;

You’re fooling no one with your elaborate “procedures” because eventually you’ll come to the disappointing realisation that the joke will eventually be on you when accountability time kicks in because you have come to represent “Britain’s Darkest Hour”!

These shambles you’re involved in – however sophisticated you may think they are – account for nothing unless Parliament confirms that a People’s Vote would be the only legitimate path for whatever options are discussed/agreed including the option of revoking article 50 as the first order of business; this while ensuring appropriate protections are in place to eliminate any possibility of disinformation campaigns and foreign influence.

Finally let me reiterate what I mentioned earlier; the current parliament has/continues to be a complete/utter failure hence the state of division and vile politics in this country and the only way out is for People Power not through petitions/letters but rather through sustained peaceful activism to achieve a People’s Vote and help politicians understand they are not in Parliament as independent cowboys to suppress our voices because their representation has it’s boundaries, one of them being when we demand our voice to be heard directly as is the case we have now where politics is broken.

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