Here is a glimpse of the universe we live in today in this Disunited Kingdom of ours – it is by no means a complex/hard to figure situation but rather a quite unsophisticatedly simple one which most can agree with;

  • A government that made a mess of BREXIT by; 
  1. Failing to define a viable plan post triggering article 50 and dragging the country to the exit doors before developing appropriate protections for the country going into the negotiations. Now we seem to continue discussing BREXIT terms at the 11th hour after over 2 years of fruitless negotiations, not to mention wasted time, resources and reputation.
  2. Despite the consequential nature for us all of BREXIT and a pretty much divided nation on BREXIT judging from the results of the Referendum, and the results of the parliamentary election of 2017 where the Conservative lost the majority the government decided this is a one party show in pursuit of BREXIT led primarily by a bunch of ideologues that prioritises the exit from the EU irrespective of cost and how this is achieved.
  • Theresa May loosing any sense of legitimacy in leading this country at least from where the majority of the nation stands while internal policy bickering/bargaining is what seems to keep her in position.
  • A public feeding off this broken political system and seems divided due to lack of leadership and clarity of the future to the extent of extremist attacks/abuse now becoming the order of the day. In other words getting to the end line does not resolve this cookie but rather exacerbates the situation further in terms of division as well as economic/political uncertainty. If this a recipe for “Success” then I am NOT entirely sure where “Catastrophic Failure” begins.

So all the signs suggest that we do need a uniting figure in this country – away from the politics that has thus far failed to deliver any solution at a perplexing moment in our history when parliament no longer seems to represent the majority of this nation nor is it willing to allow them to set the direction for the country in such a consequential vote; this despite public marches and petitions to reverse article 50 – which by the way I do not support as it exacerbates this division. If anything politicians are keen to do anything to suppress the public vote at any cost, mostly because they know full well that the numbers are NOT in their favour to continue pursuing BREXIT which I would personally define as a cowardly attitude which by the way is not intended as an insult but rather to define as a human characteristic and others can come up with their own synonyms.

Now I am no expert on political and/or royal protocol but what I do know are 2 things;

  • HM The Queen has the power to dismiss the current government & PM and call for a Unity caretaker Government to break the stale mate while allowing a People’s Vote on the deal – and any other options if any which is NOT a Pro/Anti BREXIT proposition as some suggest. I mention the proposition here which can at least serve as a starting point – but I am open for any other approach so long as it is fair and a People’s Vote is guaranteed.
  • When we are in unchartered waters we need a national figure head to help unite the country not just by giving advice and “best wishes” but in setting the tone/direction for the country to resolve this BREXIT cookie. This I would respectfully suggest has to be the role of any Monarch a role which I suspect needs to evolve to be able to react positively in situations like this; a reaction that needs to be public and clear in it’s message/action. In other words we should NOT have to fall off a cliff before such an intervention finally takes place and let me suggest that a meeting by HM the Queen with party leaders could also be a good positive start in this direction.

Just another option for the BREXIT goodie bag, possibly the last tool in the kit!

PS: And to be completely honest I do NOT understand the choice of timing for Prince Charles to visit Cuba when we’re in midst of national crisis here in the UK, and with all due respect. There needs to be some consideration of the state of the nation when planning trips like this in future.

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