Here we see what the government would like to consider as Martians from outer space quite different from the “People” they talk about who they pretend to defend. It is certainly one very proud moment for me to watch this fantastic march by these “martians” of all ages – whichever way they managed to get here – and I would have also invited BREXITEER’s  – you know the other species – to join in defending our Democracy from what’s slowly becoming a state ruled by tyrants that have 1 typical/primary objective; to divide us while pretending to protect us, that’s the methodology they use. Yes there was a Petition to revoke article 50, but the only thing I support is for a direct vote by the people on the clear options available NOT the flimsy/ideological opinions during a referendum that has been marred by disinformation campaigns as well as foreign influence. We now know what’s at stake and it should not/cannot be a point of division between Remainers & BREXITEER’s; there needs to be an affirmation or a rejection of BREXIT based on clear option pure and simple, nothing complex about the proposition, nor can there be any doubt of the catastrophic/incompetent performance of Theresa May and her cowardly approach of Divide & Rule while taking 0 responsibility for this mess we face today.

With that said a People’e Vote in my own personal opinion has to be preceded by chucking Theresa May out of office and giving Jeremy Corbyn a large “All Options Table” to play with while we begin creating a unity government to help take us through a transparent/fair and protected process to get to the “People’s Vote” until we’re ready for a general election. I also hope that this process would be led by a cross-party group of a new generation of politicians to help heal & lead the country towards a better place for us all because they have a bigger stake in the future than many of us and I have full confidence in their talent to lead.

Finally, let me just say this; NO We Are NOT Martians Theresa May, though there are rumours out there you may well be from planet Krypton! Can we check your birth certificate?

Have a great weekend.

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