A handful of shameful politicians including; Jeremy Corbyn, Keir Starmer and even Vince Cable head to Brussels to plead for a backdoor deal – which now seems to be pattern in British politics – with the EU. It’s shocking for me to see British politicians doing all possible to pass any deal at the 11th hour and without the consent of the British people – just unbelievable. It’s the same kind of illiberal democracy we’ve been toying with for the last couple of years – and perhaps more; a disgusting demonstration of what we all know by now of a broken political system. I said it before and I repeat it again now; there is little in the way of difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, they both are of the same mould so expect the same approach in policy pattern – and I expect them both to be included in the same dark chapter of British political history.

However, this is no time for moaning and we need to come together as a country in calling for a care-taker unity government – one that is primarily involved in reaching a consensus on BREXIT with viable options with no re-negotiation and one that ends with a People’s Vote on these viable options “period” – that is free from these corrupt politicians who have done nothing but to divide us and use us as pawns to achieve purely political/narrow ideological gains; that’s definitely NOT the approach we need in one of the most critical moments in our history. This is precisely why we need either revoke article 50 or ask for a longer extension to give us time to heal and agree on a future that we can all be part of whether we decide to BREXIT or not so long as we begin our assessments based on facts and a pragmatic approach in shaping our future. Let’s all head towards centre ground and move on from there however difficult that may seem having been fed plenty from the broken system we live in at this moment/time to again/truly become a United Kingdom.

This is precisely what we should NOT be doing;


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