Yes, I know exactly how you feel about the prospect of yet another damn petition. I actually suggested that petition time has been over a while back. However I decided to go ahead with this petition anyway for 2 reasons;

  1. I am hoping that however we may differ on BREXIT we can all agree that politics has provided more of a problem than a solution. So the idea here is taking back control and making sure our voices are heard unfiltered through such a public vote on all options.
  2. Taking politics out the equation is only the first step; we also need independent evaluation of the existing options so that we can at least have the choice to be better informed about the options at hand considering the importance of this decision or fall back on our biases that may have been reached through this broken system we’re feeding off. It is not only that the politics have changed in terms of options we have, but also we now know more in terms of economic realities not forecasts so we should be able to make a better judgement based on facts. And do you remember that NOT-so-long-ago saying; “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”, well, yes that too.

The main take away above all is that we need to have the freedom to decide and we need to unite as a country in protecting this freedom from being hijacked by a bunch of incompetent politicians who have done nothing but mis-represent our aspirations and divide us through partisan politics at such a crucial moment in our history. In fact if we STOP thinking politics both BREXITEER’s & Remainers should in fact agree on this single issue because no other Parliamentary option will allow them that voice. Whether you agree or not with this petition this situation should not be allowed to stand and I hope this is something we can all agree on. As a matter of fact if we did have a legitimate government/leadership a People’s Vote should have been the default position in all cases so that what start’s as a political direction given by the people in the first Referendum is re-affirmed by a People’s Vote on the deal reached as well as other alternative options; this should NOT have been a matter for debate or petitions if we are serious about the Democratic values we preach and for politicians to suggest otherwise or accept an alternative approach is disgraceful and at the end of the day does not solve but exacerbate the the problem when the country is at boiling point.

Let’s at least consider some of the ideas in this petition and come up with a more acceptable variant so long as it also ends with a determinative People’s Vote.

Following is the text of the petition which is based on views I’ve posted in previous blogs;

Petition: A People’s Vote on all BREXIT Options preceded by an Independent/Unbiased Review

The People’s Vote is NOT as some suggest breaking a promise of 1st Referendum but a re-affirmation of the people’s exclusive right to shape their future when choices become clear and away from disinformation that mired the first Referendum. What’s happening now is what’s really breaking the nation.

  1. Seeking extension of article 50 from the EU
  2. Care-taker unity government to oversee new process and help heal/unite the country away from partisan politics.
  3. Independent Committee of Experts help Valuate/Validate Pro’s/Con’s independent of politics/reporting back to a citizens panel for question
  4. A People’s Vote on all Options
  5. 5. A General Election once future direction is clear.

Click this link to sign the petition:

Happy “Another” Petition’s Day 🙂

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