No-Deal Brexit: UK threatens to send in gunboats to protect fishing waters

BREXIT Britain is really shaping up, ain’t it? With childish morons in charge of the country and its dangerous adult gadgets there cannot be a better/safer Britain (or some would say a “Crackers Britain” prepared to hold arms against allies/partners. This is the shining new Nationalist Britain we should have expected years ago since the BREXIT Torpedo was first launched. This is the new Britain that’s open for business where government officials are more than keen on waiving the Union Jack flag and hanging from the flagpole is a gun pointed at allies (link above) & a maxi money purse pointed at dictatorships (link below).

Irrespective of the outcome of BREXIT this is certainly is NOT a government nor ideology that represents the values I stand for which unlike current British policies is something that never changes. I speak for myself and I believe for many other Brits who’d want to apologies to the EU for the disgusting actions of the current leadership hoping that somehow we as a nation can self-quarantine ourselves until we manage to face up to this destructive ideology that is incapable of differentiating  between friend and foe by identifying and selecting leaders that stand for/reaffirm both our values and our diversity irrespective of political orientation.

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Tweet to Tweet

Nothing better to demonstrate the irony (or rather stupidity) of the situation than this tweet I came across a few minutes ago;

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