EU rejected Boris Johnson request for Brexit call with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron

Let me start by saying that the disgusting negotiating tactics of Boris Johnson based on the above news link is an insult to this country further undermining our reputation by treating negotiations as if it were some kind of personal open market tourist shopping for souvenirs. It also demonstrates that realities of BREXIT are starting to bite back with vengeance even before the end of transition period and no one knows more about it than the mob leading the country because they’re good at posturing & making bold statements but not so in dealing with a gigantic mess that’s about to hit the country; that could imply accountability which is beyond their comfort zone. BREXIT (specifically a No-Deal BREXIT) is just what the doctor ordered so that we begin to understand the worldview that we’ve been coerced to live in during the past 4 years is actually a ginormous scam, and we need to come back to the simple reality many have deliberately chosen to ignore which is this;

Being a Great nation does not mean endless powers like the good old days of the British empire; to the contrary, in this day and age it’s about collaboration/compromise and through strengthening ties with our closest allies & partners and doing all possible to resolve disputes within this context through influence and hard work – you know the way it used to be before the BREXIT Torpedo.

If some indeed believe that we’re destined to go it alone my question would be this; why the hell do it in a manner/timing that posses the most risk to the country? The fact of the matter is that the entire political system that has divided us has in fact let us all down in the way it functions – the corrupt/non-functional way were both major parties are treating BREXIT as another political chip on the table rather than it representing the fate of a nation. In fact one could argue – as I have in many previous posts – that it is this same broken system that has led to BREXIT which in a sense is about an attempt (or rather a golden opportunity) for the political elites/ideologues to the shift the blame of our own political system failures to an outside force and make an extra buck in the process; they’re the narrow minority that will be less affected or even make substantial gains from BREXIT (the story below is just an small example) while most of the people waiving the BREXIT banners will be on the front line in dealing with the blowback.

These are our choices; and again if l’m proven to wrong and the country does well post BREXIT well I’d be thrilled though I’d continue to believe the top man is an absolute Odd Ball; but then I’m a realist to believe this can actually happen, as for the Odd Ball well no change there.

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