The country seems as divided as ever about BREXIT and there is no consensus as to what BREXIT really means. Compounding the problem is the British government’s flip/flop approach in handling the negotiations and the non-inclusive manner in which the negotiations are conducted. The indications from this approach are that the government is defining our future based purely on ideological grounds NOT on facts/realities, trying to ram through decision without proper oversight from parliament and based on terms NOT agreed during the referendum campaign. Based on the reality that the government is unlikely to allow for a 2nd Referendum to occur and due to the weak positions of other Liberal parties we now need to take the politics of BREXIT out of the equation and come up with a creative solution – one that has the potential to unite the country and bring some direction to where we’re heading based on facts NOT fiction without alienating others.

What I am proposing is a proper public debate/forum to review our decision to exit the EU and managed in such a way that all sides have the appropriate opportunity to make their case – NOT only about whether or not to leave the EU but more importantly a vision on an inclusive process to get us there. The debate would also invite specialists on different subject matters relevant to EU/UK relations to provide unbiased/objective insight on BREXIT and it’s affects on both sides. The debate would be televised and accessible online and would try to ensure maximum participation. I also hope that such a mechanism can serve as a template for future debates where the public becomes more actively engaged in making important decisions based on facts/evidence and far away from the broken politics of Whitehall.

However in order to move in this direction there needs to be sufficient backing/support from activists/campaign groups from all sides and proper funding/expertise to help plan for such a debate. As such I will try to connect with relevant groups/contacts to determine traction for this proposition while also being open for comments/suggestions whether about this or an alternative approach forward that achieves the same objective of uniting the country under single vision/process for BREXIT. Remember it’s NOT really about in/out of the EU rather it’s about making the decision based on solid grounds period “.”

Finally just to say that it is at difficult  moments like these when we need to find creative solutions so as to maintain our unity as a nation and move away from divisive politics that have mired our political eco system for years; Politics is Sometime the Problem and NOT the Solution because it’s become increasingly a form of what I term “ClanPolitik” as opposed to “Realpolitik”.

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