This is going to be short and simple one and will be more in the form of a question rather than an answer. Again it is about that damn old BREXIT nugget but not so much the politics of BREXIT but rather the security vulnerabilities it opens and how it can be used – if not already happening as I suspect it is – by both adversaries and allies to undermine our national security and Democratic processes. Such vulnerabilities by the way not only affect this country but most certainly Europe as a whole – as the only remaining/leading protector of Democratic/Liberal values against far-right/extremist ideologies. So the hope/expectation is that our Security services keep their eye strictly on the ball when it comes to our security in these difficult political times because they are indeed our first & last line of defence. They not only need to have our full support but must also have full authority to assess/investigate potential criminal activity within the political establishment and beyond. The reason I decided to write this post is the fact that I am beginning to see signs of foreign political interference both in the UK and in Europe (Italy being just one example) that seems to suggest foreign influence playing key moves to undermine our Democracy, values & what’s left of our Social cohesion. This is not just about the threat posed by far-right ideologues/organisations but also threats by foreign governments keen to drive political narratives that do nothing but undermine our Democracy and make it even more vulnerable to such influence.

So the take away from this post is my hope that across the EU security services are able to see through this BREXIT facade to uncover what’s going on underneath the surface. Once this political saga finally does come to an end there needs to be a complete re-assessment of both our security infrastructure and our penal code so that they both are able to effectively deal with the new forms of threats we face today.

Oh by the way sorry it wasn’t such a short post after all 🙁

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