Plenty has been proposed about the pros/cons of BREXIT, promises made during the Referendum campaign and propositions about the way forward to help unite the country. I have written plenty on the subject as some may be aware with my initial suggestion about the viability of a 2nd Referendum. What I would like to do here is put forth another option to cut the stalemate and avoid the noise of allegations/counter allegations to reach an informed consensus on the way forward. So what I propose is the following (or a variation of it);

  1. We need to temporarily suspend BREXIT negotiations with the EU
  2. We need an independent body, potentially including the OBR to assess BREXIT impact on all core elements of BREXIT arguments including migration, economy and ability to make law. This while providing 2 or more realistic visions (in/out) of the EU. If any current studies exit they should be validated and gaps filled where appropriate.
  3. Once the above study is completed it should be presented to parliament for a debate where political parties adjust their positions based on facts & options presented. Any changes proposed on visions of future relationship with EU should be validated by the same body mentioned above.
  4. A general election is held that allows our Democratic process to take it’s course

This proposition allows us to achieve the following benefits;

  • It eliminates politicising the debate of (in/out) and ensures a proper objective/analysis of the pros/cons of the argument as well as developing realistic options away from ideological prejudices.
  • It eliminates the need for the public to engage in debating complex issues that require a level of expertise to ensure they are properly assessed based on merit.
  • It relies on our own democratic process as a parliamentary democracy to untangle this conundrum.

Let me finally say that although I am a Remainer all what really interests me is to have a proper inclusive process that is driven by facts (NOT fiction or ideological prejudices) and then let the chips fall where they may. It is in no one’s interest that we remain divided on this issue and when the dust settles we need to fix vulnerabilities we have experienced in our political eco system.

The main take away from this post which is neither addressed to proponents of (BREXIT or EXITBREXIT) at any cost is that we need to take the analysis & vision of the future relationship with the EU out of the politics of the day environment that is charged by ideological prejudices due to a variety of factors (some internal and there are plausible reasons indicating that some being external) if we are to have a realistic/positive vision forward that affects our future for generations to come.