I came across this clip on youtube and decided to post it on my site. Why? Well Jon Stewart is the one person who has the capacity/ability like no other person that I know to zero in and dissect important elements of very complex issues like racism and articulate his point in very profound yet simple terms. It is also because I believe that despite the fact that racism existed in one way or another for centuries there is a concerted effort by some to normalise that trend under the guise of terms like nationalism/patriotism and cultural identity.; and of course flawed government policies have contributed to this mess. Anyway let me pass it on to Jon Stewart in this clip talking about Racism in America and I hope that we can all relate to this bigger debate so that one day we see the end of racism in all it’s forms. Let’s at least begin by having a conversation without discrimination because we’re all shaped by something we have little control over; our experiences that drive our prejudices.


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