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Challenging the Legality of Revoking European Identity/Citizenship Without Consent

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I firmly believe that it is NOT legitimate for citizenship of EU to be automatically revoked from individuals if their national governments decides to leave the EU. As you are fully aware there are many in Britain who did NOT vote for the outcome of the referendum and do cherish their EU identity as much as they do their own national identity. So forcing people to apply for another EU nationality as an administrative workaround is I feel inappropriate. I would therefore urge the EU & the European Parliament to resolve this matter during the BREXIT negotiations as part-and-parcel of EU citizens rights currently being discussed, since we are after all up to this point still European citizens and many of us do want to retain this identity – something we take with pride. Also bear in mind if you will that many people have also committed their lives to varying degrees/ways based on this citizenship, so taking that away without their consent does NOT only raise legal concerns but is also quite cruel.

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