It seems to me that the current political paradigm where political parties are defined purely based on empty ideological grounds with party members forced to fit into these “ideological boxes’ is an outdated philosophy. “Conservative”, “Liberal”, “Democrat”, “Labour” terms that have little to do with actual vision and more with ideological branding. As normal human beings we tend to be conservative on some issues, liberal on others or just in between on yet many others. More importantly following a pure  ideological concept within a political party prevents diversity of opinion and is a form of authoritarian control. It is therefore in my view more effective to develop parties based a pragmatic vision for a society/country, after all diversity of opinion encourages evolution/change something that comes quite natural to us as beings. As such we should embrace (NOT prevent/resist) evolution, that way we become less rigid about ideology and more eager for progress. We should also be less concerned about the branding of politicians/people when discussing policy.

Here is a clip that makes the point when discussing the Health care bill in the United States with Governor John Kasich of Ohio;



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