I’ve written quite a few posts calling for a 2nd Referendum here so will not rehash. The intention here is a short post to refocus attention on a few things;

  1. The longer this status quo continues with no clarity of BREXIT and the flawed process driving it the worse it gets for the country – no winners/losers we all loose because our economy will suffer as well as our security and social cohesion leading us straight into the hands of foreign destabilising forces we know about.
  2.  The right way for settling this mess is a 2nd Referendum to unite and NOT an EXIT BREXIT to alienate. The intention would be to validate assumptions and come to a consensus in voting for 1 of 2 clear/achievable visions (in or out of the EU)  and an inclusive process to get us there. So whatever the result of the referendum at the very least it would re-establish the mandate for the negotiations and establish consensus on the way forward. The referendum has to be well regulated to avoid disinformation and obviously take into consideration new facts that have become clear post triggering article 50 until now.
  3. In my opinion the current group of nerds running the country have proved to be completely/utterly unfit to shape our future. It is not only about incompetence that continues to cost us dearly in critical negotiations like this and the impact of delays on our economy/country – it is also because these are people driven more by populist ideology & clan politics rather than a pragmatic vision for the country. As such every minute this group is in power the worse off for the country. So I can only urge politicians on all sides to drop party badges and unite to take down this government – badges were never intended to take precedence over country; it is now crystal clear there is no other option. Just the idea of triggering article 50 without a clear vision for the future demonstrates the utter incompetence and proves the clan are for severing ties with the EU as a matter of priority. So as I repeatedly said in previous posts waiting for a final deal to trigger a referendum is a flawed strategy.
  4. A quick reminder to our politicians that social media is NOT intended as a platform for bragging and making policy or being an alternative to action; your number of followers/likes are not sufficient to drive change, so please use less effort tweeting and more effort on taking action.

Let’s take back control and let’s do it NOW.

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