In fact for some people the state of war never actually ended but rather its ongoing on a daily basis, though one can argue the situation is worse for some more than others. This tragic conflict needs a just resolution urgently because in the west people don’t actually notice that the power of public opinion in the region is reaching a boiling stage constrained by force through autocratic/corrupt regimes who seek only to maintain power irrespective of any external conflicts/long-held commitments and at some point this fragile bubble will finally burst and this relative calm may turn to hell on earth.

So here are 2 points I want to make;

  1. Peace constructed through the power of the sword is not sustainable unless there is just/genuine compromise by both sides NOT based on strength/PR but based on legitimacy & fairness.
  2. In the west we need to STOP importing conflicts into our internal political eco system; this in effect does nothing but distort our approach in handling these conflicts effectively based on our core value system rather than exasperating/prolonging them. As I mentioned before in a previous post about my time as member of the UK Liberal Democrats when I was appalled to discover that within the party there was what is called an Israeli support group and another one for the Palestinians. This is not the way it should be in any party or the way the government operates in general because the ramifications of such conflicts eventually end up on our borders and affect national security in no uncertain terms; this is sloppy politics that is completely counter to our national interest on the long run. The containment of conflicts is not a sustainable strategy always has a tendency to backfire. We need leaders that are prepared to be bold/effective in helping resolve conflicts rather the follow the same-old sloppy tried/tested/failed approach that is short-sighted/solves virtually nothing. I truly hope that eventually the international community begins to realize that a final resolution to this conflict is in everyones interest particularly for Israeli’s and Palestinians otherwise it threatens wider instability beyond the region itself. Let me be clear, for this conflict to end there needs to be 2 ingredients;
    • Clear incentives for resolutions/deterrent in case of escalation because left to their own devices and with the bloody history between them for us to assume that they need to this by themselves is a dream that will never come true as if 70 years of conflict is not proof enough.
    • World powers like the US and EU need to finally put their hat in the ring in support for a permanent settlement of the nightmare and urgently. Civilians are paying the price for flawed/extremist politics on both ends of the conflict and no one side can claim the moral high ground in this situation.

In short we need to be more pragmatic and less foolish about the odds for a final settlement because believe it or not we also have a stake in its peaceful outcome. As a matter of fact I am certain to my core that a resolution can be reached fairly quickly so long as there is will power by key players like the US & EU.

For now all one can say is to send deepest condolences to civilians who have lost their lives in this recent escalation for this senseless conflict that’s fueled by revenge & hatred.  Let’s help focus the minds of honoring their memory by finally solving this bitter conflict; it’s truly about “Time”.

Just a thought!

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