The concept of importing foreign conflicts into our political eco system as I mention in my post here takes a more drastic form. Here are the problems;

  1. This approach not only demonstrates importing foreign conflicts its actually internalizing conflicts the extent to which we’ve never done before and will at the very least alienate some of our communities who are of migrant origins and at worst may affect national security. So instead of using the opportunity to bring communities together and assuring them both that such external factors have no baring on the governments commitment to their safety while ensuring/demonstrating their unity in these circumstances and emphasizing their national identity, they’re essentially putting them both against each other by ignoring what unites them and highlighting what may divide them; there’s the national  Integration strategy for you in flying colors that subsequent governments have failed to achieve, so what precisely are we talking about here….
  2. Our democracy and our value base are continually being sacrificed by external factors whether it be illegal migration or suspect foreign allegiances that are compromising our national security and national unity.
  3. By clearly putting their thumb in the scale in terms of Israeli/Palestinian issue Britain will no longer be considered an honest broker in any efforts towards to a resolution of this conflict; not in terms of political influence post BREXIT and now not even in terms of political capital in the region.

Another self-inflicted damage this time to our democracy and long held values that have been intertwined with British culture by people who understand little of either concepts; immigrants who learnt very little on that score despite being Brits; I would truly love to know the environment these people were raised in and suspect it could be a “culture shock” at least at the core.

Let’s see where these “clever” politicians take us – should be quite exciting.

What’s particularly funny is the statement; Flying Palestinian flag in UK ‘may not be legitimate’

in other words; hey, we just thought of this in the spur of the moment, so please give us some time to tailor the excuse and cover it with legal jargon; this takes time you know.

Imagine if you will the police asked to make a judgement call on such a politically charged issue; how cowardly of Suella Braverman.

This is Britain 2023; so all we can say is; “Yes Minister” and here I mean the satirical sitcom which turned out to be a Documentary of British politics One-o-one, not any form of agreement/alignment of sorts.

Just a thought!

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