I have written plenty on the subject and many have done the same. The facts are clear and largely indisputable at least insofar as the suffering of both Israelis and Palestinians. So what I mention here is a suggested outline for a resolution that can be agreed and implemented relatively quickly if there is wide consensus and make of it what you will, so here goes and order and/or word it the way you like, just focus on the base understanding as no precedence intended when sketching this;

  1. Complete/immediate cessation of violence between all parties and military disengagement.
  2. All military and/or security personal surrounding contested areas and where there are Palestinian inhabitants are replaced by UN forces to implement all measure to enforce peace on the ground.
  3. Release of all Israeli hostages captured in recent attacks and Palestinian prisoners held by Israel who are deemed not to pose a security threat to Israel with international oversight on the process.
  4. Complete redevelopment of destructed areas inhabited by Palestinians and disengaging infrastructure necessary from reliance on Israel to the maximum extent possible.
  5. Immediate negotiations aimed at a 2 state solution based on 2 specific milestones agreed by the parties within a (3-5 year period if necessary] and guaranteed/secured by continued presence of UN forces on the ground and with the involvement of key regional players in these negotiations to ensure the end of regional hostilities with a clear set of enforcement measures. In my opinion the UN forces should be composed of U.S, British and French troops as they are the main parties that have been actively involved in this conflict from the outset.

In other words security at current flash points should not be the responsibility of any side that is part of this ongoing bloody conflict “period” and the resolution should be in the context of a wider peace plan with the engagement of key regional players NOT terrorist organisations – these should be eliminated entirely anywhere/everywhere in the region – and a set of ramifications in case of breaking the terms agreed. What this means is that there should be no exit clause/no side-track should be allowed so that all parties commit to the concept of “failure is NOT an option”.

I truly want to see the backside of this conflict and no more suffering on any side but at the same time I would like this to in the context of a fair, sustainable proposition, respecting the rights of both sides to the farthest extent possible NOT patchwork; compromise is key. It is at this point where I believe a great future awaits the region that has plenty of natural and human resources wasted on war and hopefully to be finally focused on collaboration & development.

Of course I am also a realist and I understand full well that the above proposition is unlikely to materialize in the real world due to the fact that power brokers have already taken their traditional stance in the conflict and regional powers have also gone their own separate ways due to the disconnect they feel world powers are addressing current escalation. Nonetheless I am presenting this proposition as is because I feel that this is the closest to achieving permanent peace in the region if one day those involved are serious about long term resolution.

Just a thought!

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