While I do support the call for a 2 state solution and disengagement militarily/economically between Gaza and possible other Palestinian populated areas from Israel here are my personal observations;

  1. The focus continues to consider this conflict a regional conflict that Landed in the region without prior notice/knowledge of western powers and that the current escalation should be viewed in this limited context; the west is really an outside observer trying to help out in brining about a lasting peace. Let me suggest that this narrative needs to reviewed; in other words western powers need to come to terms with the origins of the conflict which they are implicated in creating. So when we talk of financial assistance we need to see levels/commitment that matches (or closely matches) this context and ignoring their responsibility much early on in the conflict of ensuring a peaceful coexistence between waring factions. There is a film-score which I like called “Back to the Future” by the brilliant composer Alan Silvestri and to me the music seems quite relevant but more importantly the title says it all; in other words for one solve issues one needs to address it in its accurate historical context – at least that’s the way I interpret the title.
  2. It is kind of curious that the EU is seeking to save lives & strives for economic growth in the region with rapprochement tactics while on the other hand stopping short of calling for a ceasefire that one would have assumed may have helped in this trajectory; obviously if political clout & military might have no baring . Also in my opinion rapprochement tactics are a convenient diversion that does little if anything to solve the core issue that’s become so toxic with regional/international ramifications and seems to be merely used as a free lunch while in actual fact it has absolutely no effect at least insofar as popular public opinion is in the region. Put it another way; more sloppy politics.
  3. When talking of creating a single Palestinian authority (again in my opinion) efforts in that direction will most likely fail without a proper/just and well defined peace initiative with the EU & US putting their hats in the ring which bring me to my final point which by the way I outlined in the post below written weeks ago;
  4. This is really a cardinal point; setting expectation that Israel’s & Palestinians will eventually sit together willingly to discuss a just peace is truly a foolish idea considering the bloody history of occupation. In other words without deliberate/firm intervention from key western allies of Israel with key parameters for a final/just resolution this will never ever happen. This is in my opinion an excuse for western powers to remain out of the conflict and wash their hands from it when push comes to shove. But I suspect public opinion around the world is wising up to this tactic.

I can only wish all the best in ending this long conflict and the suffering it has brought the region; a permanent resolution is far overdue. But to solve this conflict there needs to be clarity in context and the will of key western and regional players as I mentioned in post below.

All the best to all efforts for peace.

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