It’s great to see the EU push back on the current U.S. administrations effort to kill the Iran deal, this by devising a system to evade the U.S. sanctions. In my view this is a step in the right direction because there are many other agenda items particularly on Trade and Foreign Policy, Environment that require equally bold/creative initiatives to help counter U.S. toxic efforts to derail them, including the Mideast peace process and the interrelated issues of Syria and Iran’s regional meddling. For these efforts to be successful there needs to be a level of coordination with other main players including Russia and China until such time when the U.S. is back from it’s existing coma with this administration. The main point being that the EU and the west in general cannot have any single point of failure whether it relates to Security, Trade or Foreign Policy; with new realities comes the responsibility of seeking alternative approaches in tackling issues of global stability otherwise the damages will likely be multiplied. It is also necessary to send a strong signal to the current U.S. administration – and the Trump base wherever they are – that power play does not rule the day particularly with allies otherwise it emboldens this vial alt-right strategy currently driving U.S policy and we may see other U.S. administrations follow this path. As I mentioned before the Trump legacy as far as Europe is concerned should be to strengthen the EU/European alliance in the West and not weaken it and a big part of that strength is defending hard earned Democratic/Liberal values as well as ensuring a competent, progressive, pragmatic policy in the areas mentioned. Coordination in strategy is key because inconsistency in policy or reactionary measures/rhetoric are signs of weakness. So we need to move on from the “shock” state from this U.S. administration to a state of constant action to strengthen the EU and build strong partnerships throughout the world to help build a better future for the new generation wherever they live through a reformed definition/approach towards globalisation from lessons learned so far and continue to be learned in future – with an ongoing mechanism for assessment/adjustment.  

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