A very interesting interview with former FBI Director, James Comey on CNN. It provides truly unique analysis/observations of Covfefe and more importantly the contrasting styles of leadership between him that old friend. For me James Comey embodies the temperament/approach of a true leader; balanced, consistent and with a firm moral/ethical foundation. What kinda surprised me was that the host Anderson Cooper, a journalist I do respect, referred to him – among others – as a “Controversial Figure”. That branding would indeed be expected from political hacks in Congress & the White House driving a purely political agenda/perspective. But when the media starts using the same term towards someone simply because he holds a different opinion it demonstrates to me in a nutshell what’s wrong with the American political eco system – a system clouded by a thick layer of confusion – something which is in dire need for a complete overhaul; Covfefe is a symptom/signal NOT the main ailment and being fixated by him only short-circuits a process of rediscovery/realignment the country has to go through. This applies to any other regime anywhere in the world; so the advice I would recommend is NOT to allow leaders to control our minds/attitudes and we should always remember that true Democracy is about co-existence/tolerance for public/national interest NOT bashing opposing side for interest of lobbyists/special interest groups/corrupt politicians who are the real/by far the biggest threat to any Democracy – this eco system has to be continuously filtered/refined & protected. Of course when I am referring to the media I am excluding the gang at FOX News which is more of an alt-right mouthpiece rather than a media organisation in any sense of the word.

Anyway, hope you have the time to watch the interview and form your own opinion.

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