I call on the British government and all political parties to reaffirm our commitment as a nation to equal rights/protections to all groups irrespective of colour, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation; it is a reaffirmation that ensures equal treatment to all under the law. It follows from this foundational principle that any form segregation – physical or psychological – is not only a threat to our Democracy but also our own values as well as our social cohesion as a multicultural nation – which is at the current state seems to be a working progress; this with the clear understanding that ours is a nation of Western/Christian tradition one that is an integral part of our identity and as such requires the necessary protections/guarantees. We need to ensure our commitment to these fundamental values are not only in rhetoric but also in action. I would therefore recommend these measures be debated properly in parliament which are measures that that I believe to be inline with these principles;

  1. Closing down & banning any form of lobby/special interest groups, media organisations as well as advocacy groups within political parties that have been created to influence public or foreign policy in any form or at any level which in effect represents a subversion of our Democratic system. This is NOT a Normal state of affairs in a Democracy, this is a Normalised toxic state where people abuse Democracy to defeat Democracy & Free Speech. 
  2. Eliminating any form of segregation in our society that is based on colour, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. As such faith schools should be banned from our educational system and we should make every effort to ensure our education system/programs are inline with the principles mentioned above and with “Integration” as a key strategic objective/approach.
  3. We should not only have transparency of party & campaign funding but also have a cap on political funding this while ensuring that any form funding to influence policy is banned altogether and criminalised if undertaken by public servants.

Democracy is a choice but with Democracy comes principles/guidelines otherwise it becomes an empty/meaningless ideology.

The thrust of this petition is to reaffirm our Democratic credentials and the understanding that being British irrespective of religion/culture translates to complete/utter allegiance to Great Britain NOT to any other nation/flag, narrow ideology or financial/other incentives and equal protections to all under the law as a matter of course.

Here I Stand!

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