We heard the exciting news that Nigel Farage is finally back to save the country from a certain demise. The only difficultly this time around of course is that unlike previous times when life was rosy and people could be led to believe the hogwash about the great prospects post BREXIT it’s reality check time and people – for the most part – believe what they can actually see NOT what they hear. Of course you will most certainly use your own spin on things, something along the lines; this was NOT the way it was supposed to work & it’s the current governments fault for the downhill trajectory – but if someone believes that rubbish well you deserve each other I suppose. Beyond all this politics what would really interests me is to establish your support, funding base and coordination back from the days of 1st Referendum up until now. From what has already been established in terms of Russian interference as well as from what we know in terms of level of coordination with Alt Right/Trump & Inc. your profile certainly fits like a glove to someone that may be of interest to authorities investigating meddling activities/illegal funding in relation to our elections & referendum. I do NOT question your dedication to your ideology – corrosive and backward as it may be however sophisticated you may like to dress it – but I do question your integrity/independence as a political actor – albeit it a confusing one, in my view.

It is one of my dreams to debate you in public so we can together help unpack the real Nigel Farage and his ethics/values for all to see or I hope someone will pick up this nugget and help make it happen like perhaps your colleague at LBC Radio James O’Brien. Forget about BREXIT for a minute and let’s focus on the big picture that’s all about Nigel Farage and his full association with the BREXIT referendum/campaign as it continues; after all for a message to resonate it needs context not just by validating it’s content but also by understanding the motives/values of the messenger to establish reliability/integrity, right?

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