I really don’t understand why Theresa May persistently comes out with really bold statements about BREXIT that do nothing but demonstrate her utter hypocrisy. Today for example she rejects the call for a second Brexit referendum as ‘betrayal of trust & Democracy” –  (link below). Now I have to stay – just for starters – I don’t really know what’s her definition of “Democracy” – will deal with “Trust” later –  or if it is in her mind some kind of a highjack process where people decide and governments use it as a blank check without proper checks/balances and no opportunity for a change of heart. As a matter of fact a semi-opportunity did creep up in the last parliamentary election but you decided to ignore it. Okay, that’s as much as I would pass onto Theresa May cause she’s not someone I respect or even recognise as PM irrespective of EU (in/out). What I would like to refocus on – something I’ve mentioned in previous posts – is the fact that the question of BREXIT is much more consequential to our country than the mere option of continuing membership in the EU or not. It is more a choice – a pure/simple choice –  of how we choose to be governed and how we define, refine and protect our Democracy or let it ride away and replace it with a new system I would call Opportunocracy cause remember; some maybe on the winning sides for now but political tables tend to change and all that we’ll be doing is undercutting is our own Democracy and morphing it into that new system I just mentioned. So my suggestion is not to allow egotistical cowards shape what we stand for not now not ever even if we have differing political persuasions. And one final point about Theresa May;

We need to understand that Theresa May is no alt-right ideologue like what seems to be a growing trend in Conservative party (similar to the rogue GOP in the United States) – she actually voted to Remain in the EU in the 2016 Referendum. Why not even look at the link below in her recent interview on a French TV channel. It is this that leads me to believe that for her it is more a question of ego than ideology which is her driving force – and neither country nor party would stand in her way. Does it remind you of someone across the Atlantic? Exactly our old friend “Covfefe” who in the past supported (possibly funded) both Democrats & Republicans – someone with a unique Psychology but NOT much in the way of Ideology; not even in your wildest dreams. So when you begin to connect the dots; from triggering article 50 with no plan, to the secrecy around BREXIT impact assessment papers, to the revolving door cabinet, to continued re-morphing of BREXIT, to ignoring results of previous parliamentary elections, to ignoring all signals of referendum meddling/foreign interference; you see 2 things

a) quite a few similarities with the approach adopted across the Atlantic whether it concerns questions of ego vs. ideology or revolving door administration, and the ever changing stories on Russian meddling and ignoring it’s consequences.

b) this is an Opportunocracy government leading our political future towards an Opportunocracy system of governance – make no mistake about it. 

So I personally am no supporter for any concessions from Theresa May or her clan on the BREXIT path where process is concerned and I think it’s pure political stupidity to expect concessions. I don’t even want Theresa May to resign because in my view she deserves nothing less than being politically chucked out of office – pure and simple. However it is hard to see – and trust me I am trying very hard – the leadership in opposition that can make this happen; as a matter of fact I sometimes wonder if this Labour Confusion on BREXIT is an Illusion and is by design to allow this rigged process through. So now we go back to People Power as the only last line of defence – at any rate as I continue to remind all – it’s all a matter of choices and whether there is a will to change course or not because there is literally no on else to blame if we fail to take decisive action.

Have a nice weekend and blame me for nothing 🙂

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